One Year Of Marriage!

Hey y’all! Cody and I celebrated our first year of marriage yesterday. It is so crazy, but this year has flown by! Just a year ago we were stressing about our wedding day and now looking back, it was the silliest thing to stress about. Yesterday Cody and I had the laziest Sunday just enjoying each other’s company with some naps, football, and pizza. We celebrated Saturday night with an amazing steak dinner from Chop House 47.

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At dinner we saw an older group that seemed to be celebrating marriage with friends and another older couple who had an intimate dinner just them. The couple who was alone had a shirt on that said “Marriage Matters” with their anniversary date on it from 1974; 45 long years of marriage and they are still dating. I love seeing older couples still after each other.

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Me and Cody chatted about how old we would be at our milestone anniversaries. I will be 71 when we celebrate 50 years and he will be 75. We thought how crazy that day will be. He asked me, “Can you put up with me that long?” Of course I said yes. Cody is my best friend, the best husband ever, and always keeps me laughing. I definitely want that forever.

Wedding Day 11-10-2018 – Photography by Leah Naomi Photography

On IG, I put a question box out there to see what my followers had to say/ask about marriage and here were some responses with our answers:

  1. How did you and Cody meet? Well I have known of him and his family my entire life, and his uncle is my dad’s best friend. Before we started dating I had actually seen him multiple times out in public and was crushing so hard! Through social media we had mutual friends and one day he messaged me asking to hang out (I was SO EXCITED). I went to his house (which turned out to be 3 minutes away from mine) and I talked his ear off for about 4-5 hours… and the rest is history.
  2. How did you know you were ready for marriage? When Cody and I started dating, I just knew he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He had all of the qualities in a man I was looking for. We dated about 6 months before we started living together, 3 months later we got engaged, and then right before our 1 year of dating we got married. I think me and Cody were both ready to start our lives together, so the timing was just perfect.
  3. What is your favorite part of marriage? Being married to my best friend and never having a dull moment. We are always laughing! Cody is seriously the best. He helps cook and clean; in general we just help each other out in every way and it makes life so much easier!
  4. What is the hardest part of marriage? Honestly when I read this question out loud to Cody, we both giggled. Between him and I, we don’t really argue. We are both reasonable people. Do we agree on everything? No, but we accept our differences and compromise on the rest. Marriage is just so simple. We’re on the same team and we are there to lift each other up and help each other out.
  5. What’s something you have learned in the first year of marriage? Cody answered this first, and I couldn’t agree with him more. He said, “Having to consider someone else in everything you do can be tough sometimes.” Before you get married, a lot of what you do is for yourself. Now being married you have someone else to think about. It seems like an easy thing to change, but whether it’s time or money or what food you’re going to eat you now have to consider: how does he/she want to spend their time, how does he/she want to spend their money, or what would he/she want to eat. (As long as choosing meals is the biggest debate we ever have, I am fine with that… but it seriously never ends.)
Engagement Pictures 2018 – Photography by Leah Naomi Photography

Marriage is not as hard or scary as some people think. When you marry the right person- everything just works out the way it is supposed to. Cody is the best husband I could ever ask for. He supports me, encourages me, prays for me, adores me, gives me a hard time, and is one of my biggest fans. I am just the luckiest woman alive.

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Sorry for the lengthy post, but the occasion called for it! There were some other questions, but I will answer them on my IG story today!

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