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Hey y’all! This week Spartanburg got an amazing new restaurant called Chicken Salad Chick. There are a few locations in surrounding areas of Spartanburg, but surprisingly I had never been. I was so excited to try this new restaurant- it did not disappoint!

Their Hospitality

As soon as I walked into Chicken Salad Chick I was acquainted with one of their employees Morgan. She was the sweetest and told me all I needed to know about the restaurant including their story. A stay-at-home-mom decided to start this business in her home, but selling food out of your home is against the law, so she started the business. It has now grown to 15 states in the US, and the original owner even opened up her own franchise in Rome, GA!

The Flavors

Deciding on what to eat was so difficult because all of the flavors looked amazing! Luckily my mom was with me and we got to taste 6 different flavors. I tried the Buffalo Barclay, Fancy Nancy, and Lauryn’s Lemon Basil. My mom got the Classic Carol, Dixie Chick, and Cranberry Kelli.

The Buffalo Barclay was the perfect amount of spice and was definitely my favorite! Lauryn’s Lemon Basil was so flavorful and was definitely a close second of my favorites. Fancy Nancy and Cranberry Kelli were the two that tasted most like other Chicken Salads I have had in the past, so it was so easy to love these flavors, too. You can’t go wrong with Classic Carol if you want a flavor everyone will enjoy. The Dixie Chick was not my favorite, but still so good. I cannot complain about how anything tasted- it was all so good!

Chicken Salad Chick – Spartanburg has some of the most amazing Chicken Salad you will eat anywhere. I cannot believe I have been missing out. I will be returning soon! If you haven’t, go check them out- even if you aren’t a huge fan of Chicken Salad, you will find a flavor you love!

To find out more info on Chicken Salad Chick and find a location near you click here:

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