What to get your Man for His Birthday

Hey y’all! So one of the hardest things to decide is what to get your boyfriend, husband, or any significant man in your life for his birthday. My husband Cody is pretty easy to shop for. He loves shoes, watches, and workout gear! Also- you can never go wrong with their favorite sports team gear!

Cody’s birthday was June 30th and I had been preparing for months what to get him. I also bought it a little at a time so it didn’t drown my bank account. (I already have a few things that I am getting him for Christmas… yes it is JULY!) I like to be prepared. He never really asked for anything, but he mentioned things he liked or wanted to try. I ended up getting him way too much Alphalete clothing and between me and his parents, he now has 4 new pair of shoes… ridiculous!

His parents got him an awesome gift- a trip to Texas to visit Alphalete’s Gym and to go to the Summer Shredding Classic. It was an awesome trip and we loved Houston & the gym! His big gift from me was tickets to go see Luke Combs tomorrow in Charlotte! I am so excited!

Here are some of the things I got him & other ideas:

Some other things I couldn’t link are linked below!

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