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My Makeup Routine

Hey y’all! So a little disclosure, I have only worn makeup for about 3 ish years so I may use the wrong techniques, go in the wrong order, or use terrible products. I didn’t wear makeup in high school and had one of my best friends do my makeup most times in college my freshman year. When I actually started wearing it, I was awful, but I am learning something new almost everyday! I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below on what I should do differently or what your favorite products are! Thank you in advanced!

So to clean my face in the shower I use Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser and also their Gentle Scrub to make sure I remove my make-up and exfoliate for a smooth feel! I also use their makeup wipes to remove any excess makeup. At night I like to use the Clean and Clear Night Relaxing Makeup Wipes to just unwind and have a clean face for bed!

Now for the fun stuff! Below is my makeup routine video! Like I said, I may do the complete opposite as I am supposed to, so I would love to get feedback on your personal tips and tricks!


Here is the finished look with no filters!

All of the products are linked below!

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel


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