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Amazon Goodies for the House

Hey y’all! Happy AMAZON MONDAY! Me and Cody have been in our house for about 4 months now, and we absolutely love it. There are a few more things we need to do as far as decorating and organizing goes, but right now it is perfectly functional for us! I wanted to share a few of our favorite Amazon finds that we use everyday and more I found online!

This blanket gets used every single day and it is so soft and big enough to cover Cody and myself! It comes in 2 different sizes, this one is the 63×87! The smaller one is $30 and the larger one is $37. It also comes in 3 colors, alpine brown, ivory, and this is the frost grey!

The next thing we got from amazon is this charging station. So iPhone and Apple users- YOU NEED THIS! Cody and myself both have this on our nightstand. The phone charger is wireless! (I have the 8 plus and it works great!) It does work with other phones as well that are listed in the description! It also includes an apple watch charger and air pods charger. It also has a sticky bottom to keep in place! It cost $44!

I recently got a new iPhone 8 Plus case from Amazon. It is an Otter Box and came in the retail packaging. This comes in a 7 colors, including the blue and grey as seen and all black! It cost $24! This is a great deal compared to on Otter Box’s website!

This was probably the best thing I got Cody. It holds your Air Pods, and Cody also keeps his rubber wedding band on it for the gym! It clips to your keys, your gym bag, your shaker bottle, or whatever you want it to! It cost $5 and comes in so many colors!

You can shop these items and some other amazon home finds below!

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