Boot Camp (1/2 way done!)

Summer is here and everyone is trying to get their summer body! I have been attending boot camp at Anytime Fitness in Boiling Springs. I am loving it! It is only 3 times a week at 5 am. It is really not that bad; if you have the motivation to get up, you can do it! (I have missed one so far due to the worst headache ever!) If you don’t have a local gym or don’t want to have to go in to a gym at all then I will give you a sneak peek at what we do! Feel free to ask me questions about our workouts! Also- remember if you want real results, you have to eat right, too. All the hard work will pay off and be totally worth it!

Monday: Cardio Day

You can do anything from tabata to circuits to your own form of high intensity stations with active rest in between! There is not as much weight involved in this day. Tabata is my favorite!

Wednesday: Weights Day

This is the day you focus on strength. We do either a main body part, or full body (lots of reps). We have a class called RIP and it is INTENSE, but so good. You wear out each body part and you will be sore!

Friday: Game Day

Game day is not what you think. You still workout and work hard, but you get some kind of reward. Games we play in class are like bingo or matching, and if you get bingo or match the cards you don’t have to run a lap. Friday’s go by fast!

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Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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