Monday Blues and a Pair of Shoes!

Hey y’all!

Happy Monday! I found these shoes from my favorite bloggers and I love them! They can be found on Nordstrom or at Dillard’s or other shoe stores! I found mine in Dillard’s website for $89! They are definitely a staple for your closet this spring!

I think they can be dressed up or down so I paired them with some of my favorite outfits! Excuse my hair… it’s been Monday all day!

Linen pants and a white tank- timeless classic!

Solid jumpsuit (amazon find!!)

Jean Dress- can be found at Red Dress Boutique!

Simple jeans and a tee for a casual day!

Leggings and a lightweight hoodie- from Pink Lily!

Just wanted to give y’all a short simple post on the cutest shoes that can make any outfit look great! I will definitely be wearing these all spring, summer, and even into fall!

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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