Home Sweet Home


Hey y’all!

South Carolina- how about this spring weather?! It is absolutely perfect! Me and Cody are loving it and going outside every chance we get, but it is kicking our allergies butt! Cody has done great with the yard, so I wanted to add a little fun and grow a garden! My parents have done it for a while now and it makes veggies taste so much better when you grow them yourself! I’ve never we gardened before, so this is my attempt! Wish me luck.

I love all kinds of vegetables but my favorite is squash- yellow and green. So I’m going to try to grow squash, pumpkins, and strawberries! I will eat the squash almost everyday with lunch and dinner and it saves money at the store! I wanted to grow pumpkins so me and Cody can pick one from our own yard and have them ready for Halloween! I’m really excited about those. Strawberries are my favorite fruit and having them in my own backyard is going to be a bonus!

I got all of my supplies at Lowe’s and everything from the seeds, rake, gloves, and straw was under $100!

Thanks to the former homeowners, we already had a raised bed in a great spot! I sprayed it with some round up to kill the weeds and I’ve raked it up to clean it up some. I planted seeds today and added the straw to keep the weeds down and our veggies off of the dirt! In about a week to a week and half they’ll germinate and I should start seeing sprouts out of the straw! I’ll keep you updated on Instagram (@laurel_sellars)!

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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