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Kitchen Decor

Hey y’all!

Slowly but surely me and Cody are getting our house decorated and situated! Recently we went got a few pieces for our kitchen! We are pretty simple people, so we don’t have too much crazy decorations in our house. Here are some pictures of our kitchen:

Clock: Kirkland’s $119.99 (one similar on sale now!)

Spoon: Hobby Lobby $9.99 (on sale now!)

Fork: Hobby Lobby $9.99 (on sale now!)

Cow Picture: Hobby Lobby $24.99 (one similar on sale now!)

Amen sign: Hobby Lobby $10.79 (on sale now!)

Sellars sign: Etsy $19.99 (one similar)

Kitchen Table: From Unclaimed Furniture in Spartanburg!

We are still in the process of getting everything settled, but we think our kitchen is almost complete! We’d love to hear ideas about possibly putting something on either side or in front of our window to fill some space! If you have ideas- comment below!

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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