Why Men Golf?

Hey y’all!

This weekend, Cody and I did a little bit more with the house, but on Sunday, I went golfing with him and a few of his buddies. I have never been interested in golf, hated watching it on TV, and didn’t understand why men golfed so much. I wanted to see what it was like so, 1. I could figure out if I would want to learn so I could go with Cody and 2. I could see why men enjoyed it so much.

Please excuse my style… it was very cold! We went to Cherokee Valley (Travelers Rest, SC). It was beautiful. This golf course was beautiful. From a lot of the holes you could see the mountains and they had a few quaint water features. I really enjoyed it for being outside and the views!

Some of the reasons I think men like golf so much is:

1. It’s a challenge. Men like to think there aren’t things that challenge them, but golf is definitely one of those things.

2. It’s a way to hang out with the men in their family, friends, or business partners. Golf really doesn’t discriminate in age, so as long as you can swing a club and hit a ball, you can play.

3. It gets their mind off the stresses of life. (& makes them stress about golfing instead- according to my husband.) It really clears your mind from work and let’s you focus on the open air and the game of golf.

I really have an appreciation for golf and I think it is a great thing for men to get together and do. Life is so fast paced, that golf really helps to take a breath and slow down and enjoy life for what it is. Maybe one day I will gain some interest in learning. For now I’ll let Cody enjoy it and only tag along when pretty views and good weather are involved!

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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