4 Months of Being Married!

Hey y’all!

Me and Cody are driving home from our honeymoon and today is 4 months of being married! It has been an amazing adventure with him! My life has changed so much in the last 2 years and I love every second of it! Since we’re driving, I’m gonna ask Cody some things about what it’s like being married to me and I’ll answer them, too!

Couple Pictures Fall 2017

1. What’s your favorite thing about being married to each other?

Cody: “Conquering our goals together. Spending everyday with my best friend. & not knowing what we’re gonna do the next day- you’re pretty adventurous.”

Laurel: “Everything we do gets turned into fun or laughing or just having a good time. Having someone adore me the way you do. Never being judged (seriously); we joke a lot! & Falling in love with something new about you everyday.”

Proposal August 26th, 2018

2. What’s your favorite trait about each other?

Cody: “That you don’t let things get to you too much. You don’t let bad situations put you in a bad mood. You’re positive. Also how caring and thoughtful you are; when you get gifts you really think about it. No.. maybe you’re drive. I love your work ethic.. I can’t pick one!”

Laurel: “How well you listen. From the first time I came over, you let me talk your ear off and you just listened. Also- how motivational you are. If I am having a crappy day in the gym you push me to be better, or just a crappy day in general you cheer me up. And… how sweet you are! Way too many to pick a favorite!”

Engagement Pictures October 2018

3. What do you think each other’s pet peeve is?

Cody: “That I don’t help you with laundry, or separate my clothes, or take my boxers out of my jeans and shorts. That I like going and going and going, without slowing down.”

Laurel: “When I’m hard on myself or critique myself and compare myself to people too much. How I put my feet up all the time and on the dash board. My old music choices (which are great). & how I can be super indecisive and just want you to decide.”

Wedding November 10th, 2018

4. What’s your favorite date night?

Cody: “I like going out to eat and getting a good steak. After I like going somewhere like Jack and Diane’s.”

Laurel: “I love a good steak cooked by Cody and hanging out at the house. We play corn hole, darts, and ping pong.”

Wedding November 10th, 2018

Marriage is super fun and if you’re married, ask these kinds of questions to see what your spouse enjoys about you! It definitely helped the time pass and we are home! Our honeymoon was great and I can’t wait to make more memories with my husband!

P.S. if you need some pictures taken, all of these are by Nomi Pratt! You can see her website here and also her Instagram @leahnaomiphotography !

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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