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Workout Clothes (KORA Fitness)

Hey Y’all!

I love working out, and even if I’m not working out I love wearing leggings and tanks to do things around the house. A fairly new brand of clothing called KORA has taken me on as an ambassador. Their clothes are trendy, simple, and comfortable for the gym! They sell guys and girls apparel. My favorite thing about them is that when you purchase something, you choose what charity it goes to support. I always choose human trafficking because there is more of it out there (even in the US) and people don’t even realize it.

So far these are my only pieces I have purchased and I love them. The leggings are tight due to the contour lines, but when working out you can really see what muscles are working. The leggings are on sale for $62! With my discount code you can get another 15% off coming to $52!

The sports bra is a little different than what I typically wear, but it is versatile. You can wear it under a crop hoodie, your normal tanks, or by itself for more intense workouts! It is also on sale now for $40 & with my 15% discount it will be $34!

Their newest collection is the legacy collection that is super cute and they only have a few more pieces available! I wish I got one of the windbreakers before they sold out! I can’t wait for their next collection. They always come in with some great, trendy pieces!

I am an ambassador for this brand and really love their style. It is sleek, simple, and trendy, too!

To shop click here! & You can also use my discount code for 15% off: LAURELSELLARS15 !!

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador- send me an email!!

Enjoy Life With A Side of Laurel!


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