Texas- Home of Amazing Bloggers!

The whole reason I even started thinking about doing a blog was by reading and following other blogs. Most of the ones I love reading and following on all platforms of social media are fashion and style related. Like To Know It is one of my favorite places to keep up with who I am following and what is going on in their life.

My absolute favorite blog is Dress Up Butter Cup. Her name is Dede Raad. She is the absolute cutest person and looks so cute in everything she wears. I follow her Instagram, blog, and like to know it page and she is super genuine. In all of her post it feels like I am listening to a friend and her Instagram stories are always raw and honest. Her blog gives a lot of advice on styles and where to find good deals and steals!


My next favorite blog I enjoy is Champagne and Chanel. Her name is Emily Herren and she is actually really good friends with Dede! I feel like through her blog, pictures, and Instagram stories that me and her are friends, too. She is also a super genuine and honest girl. Along with a lot of fashion and cute outfits and deals, she post a lot of beauty tips and tricks. I enjoy following her because it shows me what blonde hair looks like with all of the clothes she wears, which helps me picture me wearing the same things!


If I haven’t already mentioned, both of these girls are from Texas, and it just so happens that my next favorite blog is from Texas too. Her blog is called Living My Best Style. Her name is Katy Roach and she is super realistic! In her Blogging For Beginners post she talks about how she is just an average girl posting her good deals and loves talking about it- the collaboration partners are just a plus! Along with her styles and fashion tips, she has a lot of lifestyle and food tips. She is a well rounded blogger and very relatable with her posts being reasonable for your wallet! (She even has some discount codes throughout her blog!)


These are just a few places to start if you need some inspiration for your closet and more! All of these ladies post consistently and they keep their shopping up to date so you can still find their looks! AND if you are an aspiring blogger, you can learn so much from them! You can follow them all on Instagram, like to know it, and subscribe to their blogs!

Enjoy Life with A Side of Laurel

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